Dress code policy development

The right business attire should reflect the company culture. When setting up a professional dress code, RFCI considers the business sector the company is in, the image that the company intends to convey and promote, the work environment and the frequency of clients and partners visiting the company premises.

Once the dress code policy is approved at the executive level and becomes effective, RFCI will facilitate the adoption by the employees. In particular, RFCI assist your company in all phases of the process of setting up the dress code policy, which concerns the following activities:

  • Policy revision and definition 
  • Communication and writing 
  • Education and training 
  • Implementation
  • Compliance and coaching
  • Dress Code Policy and manual development
  • Assessment of current practices
  • Analysis of your industry current dress code requirements
  • Dress Code and Policy Manual and Guidelines

Business casual dress code 

Establishing a business casual policy can be an advantage with no cost for the employees and an expensive mistake for the managers as it can compromise the company image. To set up a business casual dress code policy it is necessary a training course for employees and managers.

RFCI works along with your company to define or redefine, implement or establish a business casual dress code policy that is suitable for your company image, industry and culture, and that offers accurate advice about professional business attire.

RFCI provides guidelines on the rules of application of the business casual so that the practice becomes an added value to your company. RFCI also offers the necessary instruments to ensure the business casual dress code is understood and adopted by the employees, and helps managers to acquire coaching techniques for educating their employees on dress code policy. Creation and development of the guidelines for the use of the business casual policy in the company:

  • Assessment of current practices
  • Analysis of best practicesand guidelines
  • Casual day guidelines
  • Business casual dress code - understanding – interpretation
  • Dress codes and standards for specific industries.
Corporate uniform selection consulting 

Do you think that your staff, which deals with clients, isn’t mirroring your company’s image and ethos when they present themselves to them? RFCI develops a customised, effective uniform and professional image programs, coherent with your company image and brand.

Well groomed and uniformed employees, with a good appearance convey confidence to the public, transmit a sense of order, admiration, reassurance and immediate respect towards the company.
Selecting the uniforms of your employees is as important as selecting the furniture and decor. It is the staff on the front line that works closely with the public who produces the first impression, the most enduring one.

A nicer and more comfortable uniform will not necessarily make your employees happier,  but an aesthetically displeasing and uncomfortable uniform will make them unhappy and this unhappiness will inevitably reverberate on their performance. Wearing the company uniform with pleasure and pride will improve the image of the person who is wearing it and the company image perceived by clients.

By benefiting from the RFCI consulting for the uniform selection, you will have the advantage of obtaining a competitive company image. Thanks to the expert eye and a clear understanding of the design and visual communication, RFCI helps you to choose the uniforms that represent the image and the values of your company effectively. The technical knowledge and the broad experience of RFCI  selecting uniforms assures that you receive a competent guide that will bring remarkable and long lasting results to your company, to your employees and your clients. RFCI will make your employees proud and satisfied, stay within the agreed budget and help you to avoid expensive mistakes in selecting the uniforms.

Special event uniforms

RFCI has the experience to give your staff members the style that you are searching for, whatever your choice for the occasion: a traditional event, a less formal celebration, with a look of chic simplicity, sweeping and dramatic poise, or sumptuous regality. RFCI will select colour and style of the uniforms worn by your staff members so that the overall look of this occasion is one of perfect harmony. Whatever the mood given to the event, RFCI ensure that the style and colour scheme is also extended to your staff members.

  • Uniformed Staff Client’s Companies
  • Hospitality Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Companies
  • Social Clubs
  • Private Clubs
  • Catering Companies
  • Beauty Spa
  • Gyms
  • Sport Team
  • Travel Agencies
Team building is a paramount activity and extremely valuable to companies. A well-functioning, united team of employees can accomplish miracles for the various factors within a business. It can affect profits and the overall business performance.

If you want to attain concrete results from the team development activities, you must be able to get colleagues to give recognition to the contribution made by different team members. Only then will they work effectively together within the team.

One of the best ways to facilitate this recognition is to bring the team out of the working environment. By gathering groups of people together in fun and unusual new settings, in which everyone depends on the abilities, strengths and the drive of each other to work with new challenges and problem solving, you can achieve extraordinary results.

The office relationships are only the tip of the iceberg. To fully appreciate the abilities of each colleague, you have to spend time out of the office and get rid of the "9 to 5" working schedule. It is only a shared experience that can arise and develop new ways of working together and group connections.

Bring your team out of the office: think about the value that a well-designed Team Building event can add to the training that employees are already receiving in the company. RFCI has created a combination of exercises regarding the corporate image specifically for the Team Building utilised to improve both teamwork and personal development.
Incentive experiences 

RFCI has a consolidated experience in providing promotions, incentives and rewards tailored for corporate clients. They include:

  • Group experiences
  • Seminars
  • Workshop
  • Team Building Events
  • Individual Experiences

Participants will have the opportunity to live a unique and memorable experience, which will reinforce the message through the association of the experience to its purpose. At the same time, it will enable to develop a relationship based on loyalty and gratitude towards the company that promotes the incentives.

Multi choice gift vouchers

RFCI offers a broad and exclusive range of multi-choice gift vouchers that can be redeemed choosing among unique experiences and special services, ideal as incentives for employees for clients and perfect for rewarding the best professional performances.

The RFCI gift voucher may include one or more professional image consulting services or bespoke packages, and it will be promptly printed and elegantly presented with your own corporate message on a special card attached to an envelope and a congratulation letter.

Incentive, reward and congratulation gifts - corporate gifts

Corporate gifts should not only be offered at Christmas as the motivational effects will be felt the most when gifts are unexpected.The recognition awards can be handed out during an award ceremony where the most valuable and brilliant employees are publicly recognised. You will let them know that their achievements are exceptional and will also provide incentive all year round.

Not only will the individual employees receive rewards for praiseworthy fulfillments regarding particular efforts and commitments. Recognition awards can also be offered to congratulate the teams which have completed a challenging project and to demonstrate that their efforts have been recognised and appreciated.

It is not always necessary to hold award ceremonies or wait for the occasion of a special corporate event to hand out recognition awards. In fact, making a presentation in the office in front of the team can be as much appreciated as it creates more of a personal, informal feel to proceedings.

There is a broad range of recognition awards that can satisfy any budget and requirements. It is possible to demand high-quality personalised items on which the company name can be imprinted, so that the employees' gifts will be truly exclusive, and customised to your specific requirements. RFCI can assist you in the search and the purchase of high-quality objects, branded on request, exclusive gifts, custom-made awards with high symbolic value.

Individual corporate gifts 

When choosing a gift for a person you work with, whether it is for a boss, a colleague or a client, it is necessary to respect the corporate gift-giving etiquette. The majority of companies has strict policies that regulate the exchange of gifts. RFCI will help you to choose and offer gifts compliant with the company norms and the etiquette, and that will not be considered ethically inappropriate, misinterpreted and seen as ethical blunder.