Membership for corporate individuals

Whenever you decide to commission RFCI services, you will be asked whether you would like to open a subscription which is a particularly practical system should you wish to use RFCI services regularly and with a degree of continuity.

There are no extra charges entailed in subscribing to RFCI. You have the possibility of opening a pre-paid account so that consultancy services can be provided whenever you need, and you can be sure of prompt and efficient service. Membership card owners benefit from reservation priority over non-members.

Discounts are available, which vary according to the volume of services that you would like to pay for in advance, and for which RFCI propose a session plan. You will also be able to purchase a given amount of hours upon which will be applied a special discount on the standard fee. You will have a year at your disposal to benefit from the prepaid hours of counselling.

All the members periodically receive information about current limited promotions, special bonuses and available benefits. Just contact RFCI to discover how to open your subscription and obtain your exclusive membership card.

Membership cards:

  • Silver card
  • Gold card
  • Platinum card